The Party & Membership

Leinster House The Challenge!

Setting up a registered political party requires 300 members for national elections or, 100 members  for local elections. So if your are eager to see a credible alternative next election, then there is a massive requirement in getting as many people on board to help us bring about all the reforms that we are so eager to introduce. and we’ve achieved that we are registered but still require everyone’s commitment to continue the work we set out.

People in PubWe need to make sure this organisation attracts people from all sectors of our society, from homemakers to business leaders. The more diverse the better, because it means all our thoughts and suggestions can be reflected: after all it’s a democratic society we are building. Likewise, we want to recruit both the industrialist and those who work in institutions, as we require the support of a broad range of skills to both run the organisation and ultimately run the country. Indeed, if you are energetic and passionate enough to offer your services as a spokesperson on a particular issue, whilst awaiting the emergence of a much larger membership, we are holding interviews to nominate these positions during 2014. No matter what your experiences, every comment, suggestion, and volunteer activity is of immensely importance as it lends substance to the way we can help each other improve our future.

For an in-depth look at the constitutional structure of this new political association please refer to the party constitution page; however the rest of the scroll downs provide a quick overview from becoming a member to being involved in the party structure.