Is Ireland prepared for the Constitutional challenges that continued migration will bring?

Banana Skin As St Patrick’s Day celebrations fade, Martin Critten Acting Chairperson of the National Independent Party, asks ‘what now for the future of the Green Jersey’’ . . . Sometimes our good nature can set us up for a fall. It’s like the line from the old Monkey’s hit ‘I’m a believer” which proclaims ‘the more I gave the less I got’! Indeed, a not too dissimilar similar fate awaits Ireland as it moves from a rural economic village (which endeared everyone) towards Continue reading

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Ireland is Dying.

Tree Roots In the beginning a note to all . . Martin Critten, Acting Chairperson. Events since January have been the cause for much introspection and reflection, both personally, as my partner and brother fought against cancer, and likewise with the party that soaked up inordinate amounts of personal time and resource, which has been invisible to many.

As is usual for Irish political parties, this group endured a Continue reading

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an open letter to all businesses

fundraiser letterDear Shop Owner, Proprietor/Director.

Business people in Ireland know that when cash gets tight, trade is shrinking, and debts are mounting, the first thing to do is re-negotiate with your biggest creditor. Enda Kenny had the perfect chance to do this in 2011, and blew it. It took Shane Ross TD, in the Dail to eventually winkle out that Enda had never even asked for a write down, (as happens in insolvency) given that ‘politically’ we were indeed the ‘good boys’ preventing contagion through-out the core economies of Europe.

Continue reading

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A first week in politics

Dry Dock BoatLooking back at the launch of the National Independent Party’s draft manifesto and the broadening of public debate, Martin Critten, Acting Chairperson and founder, looks back over the reaction . . . It’s been interesting to see recent media, and public perception to a new grass roots party emerging on the political scene. Given that our platform is at drafting stage, there’s been the expected first round of stereotyping and sensationalism to contend with. Are we left wing, right wing, xenophobic, anti-Europe ? The word Marxist couldn’t be tagged, but unsavoury Continue reading

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An introduction to the Citizen’s Charter

Leinster HouseHere we provide a brief insight into the workings of the Party’s ‘Citizens Charter’,  a means of injecting real reform into the heart of the State by re-defining our expectations of politics and politicians. Like all structures built on legions of meaningless words, eventually walls will come tumbling down. Given our economic collapse and growing disillusionment in those we elected to steer Ireland’s fortunes, we took hard look at the kinds of reforms needed to achieve meaningful confidence in politics and government. Indeed, if all this could be laid before the public before we head Continue reading

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Our Vision – ‘Going Forward’.

Inside Dail EireannSince the foundation of the Irish state successive Irish governments have failed to manage the affairs of this country successfully in the interests of Irish citizens leading to a country wracked by poverty, emigration and low standards of living. Many thought we had left this past behind us during the so called “boom” years but this proved to be a false dawn as greed and selfishness destroyed any material gains which had been made by the Irish people leaving us with the current economic and social mess which we possess today. The reasons behind this are not Continue reading

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Letting ‘them’ know we’re no mugs !

Clattering Train MugIt maybe Christmas just around the corner, but we have our sights set firmly on the forthcoming locals and Euro elections. As a group we are always interested in anyone wishing to stand as a candidate or become actively involved. In addition to our Oireachtas registering early January 2014, the first month of the year will also see a public announcement of our draft manifesto ahead of a planned party Ard-Fheis in February.

To start our campaign in earnest, our plans to get the party firmly in the minds of both the media and the population at large are well underway.  Our first salvo comes in the shape of our campaign mug which we believe says it all ” who is in charge of the clattering train”. This is something three dimensional that will bring long term subliminal exposure to the Continue reading

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Change in the political landscape is just around the corner.

Green PencilThe mortgage crisis, the euro, economic recovery  E.U. relations, justice, law enforcement; jobs, sustainable enterprise, education, environment, natural resources, emigration, immigration, and reform of the health service. These are just some of the key subjects on the table at the National Independent Party’s Conference this Saturday at the Red Cow Hotel, Dublin. And, our press release here continues to set the scene . . . Continue reading

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Adopting ‘direct democracy’ offers no cure to our current problems

Leinster HouseMartin Critten, Spokesperson for the National Independent Party, takes a look at the concept of direct democracy, and discusses why it’s believed this is not a product for our time. . .

I worry equally with regards to the federalising of Europe, as I do with the notion of Ireland embracing ‘direct democracy’ at this time. It’s not that there isn’t a core belief in democratic processes, quite the contrary; I’m all for making every political representative totally accountable. Indeed, this Party instigated the Citizen’s Charter and backs reforms for a directly elected Seanád, already cognisant of other such democratic tools. But, it’s moreover the practicalities and speed of how we achieve that accountability together with the legacies a DD system would leave in its wake which concerns many. And, given the gigantean economic task ahead of us all, really, we’d Continue reading

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Irish Mortgage Holders – it’s time to get even !

Don't Get Mad 02Many in our ranks acknowledge that we may never get through this crisis without a lifetimes aspirations and security being irreparably blown to bits. For some, current events will no doubt impact on the whole family, on a generations of hopeful new starts. And, of course we can’t forget the effect this all has on grandparents who look on in total disbelief. They dutifully  help the best they can, having seen there own life saving disappear from view. The scourge of 192,000 homes in mortgage distress in all honesty is simply the tip of a pandemic problem. It’s a social catastrophe of such cataclysmic proportions that it couldn’t fail to visit every homestead Continue reading

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